Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Many thanks to Hibbah for providing the really cool flash smoke effect for smoking Juan at the upper-right corner over there. Just about the only thing that makes this site look nice 😀 She also helped a lot with fixing a few design roadblocks I ran into while trying to turn this into a proper blog <3

Thanks to the sister for making the site more accessible and functional. I always get lost on the networking part :(

Blogging software used is WordPress, pretty cool and easy-to-use program once you get the hang of it. Made my head ache for three days though XD. Followed this nifty tutorial by WPDesigner. A little outdated by now, but it still teaches key features of WordPress when making a theme from scratch.

The generated htmls for the posted artwork are made by the WordPress plugin Simple Popup Images by Stephen.

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