Monday, March 22nd, 2010

This is going to be a huge ass post, so please bear with me.

I submitted this entry to the recent Revelations art contest (the sibling entity nagged, I relented, and who wouldn’t want signed copies of Sandman Volumes 1 – 10?). Took me a lot longer to finish than I expected, and I wasn’t completely happy with the result, but the deadline was closing in and I was just overworking the bad areas despite Sei‘s helpful crits :( (I swear, that woman has the patience of a saint) The sibling entity did the legwork for the printing and mounting too, how awesome was that.

Also, small note: Photoline does pretty reasonably-priced large prints while you wait at their Robinsons Pioneer branch. Mine came out a bit dark, though, but may have been the fault of my uncalibrated monitor. Anyway…

A few days after the Revelations / Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards event (crazy talent and awesome winners this year), I saw the first, second, and third winning art entries of the art contest (may have been via Azrael Coladilla‘s flickr photo log), all of which were fantastic (I really, really, really love the third prize winner, BTW, just saying. I’d have licked it if it wasn’t unseemly). I wasn’t among them, of course XD But I kinda expected that.

Jump to the following day, and I receive an e-mail from Fully Booked. Excerpt follows:

“Congratulations! We’re pleased to inform you that your entry to the Revelations Art Competition, ARMAGEDDON, tied for second place. Your prize is a copy of Absolute Sandman volume 1 signed by Neil Gaiman.”

I was happy and confused at the same time, since I’m pretty sure winners’ lists would have mentioned ties or something like that. But far be it for me to complain XD (omfg, the adorable talented writing man person who keeps coming back to the Philippines to leave us money and awards liked my work?!) I’m shooting Fully Booked an e-mail right now to ask for details if they’re not too busy. I know how my life goes, and I wouldn’t put it past fate’s whimsy if that e-mail turned out to be a long series of typos.

Edit: Fully Booked replied very promptly to my query (yay!), and I think they thought I meant the PGFA when I mentioned the winners’ lists and did it tie because it won a People’s Choice or something? :X Good job of exposing yourself as a noob, Lyn. They said that the art competition was separate from the PGFA (I swear I knew that beforehand) and that Neil Gaiman had been the one to choose the winners for the art contest (I knew that too!). So I guess the only reason I didn’t know that I’d tied for second was the lack of one of those sticky flower badge things. Guess they didn’t expect Neil to declare ties either!

This totally makes up for my not having been able to get a kiss+hug combo from the guy. Although, not really. I hear he gives very awesome, bone-crushing hugs. :(


Photograph via Fully Booked’s Facebook Page

I know this is very geeky to say, but that photo kills me. Neil Gaiman is right beside my artwork. Vaguely pointing at it for the benefit of anonymous camera guy/gal person. Need to remember to breathe now.

The sibling entity dragged me to Rockwell (on a weekend. in the middle of a hot day. through traffic and overcrowded areas teeming with sweaty hipsters), and I managed to take pictures of the artwork they put on display. They only set up 20 of the entries for the small gallery, though. Makes me wonder how many in total there were.

Sorry for the glare in the shots. The camera, I know not how it operates.

Sign at the entrance of the gallery.

Okay, whoever yanked the entry tag out of this one needs to have a brief moment of embarrassment involving mismatched socks in one form or another. My OC-ness rages. It’s the first thing you see in that gallery and it’s the only one without the detail tag :( I hope the artist surfaces online.

“He’s Leaving Home,” by Marianne Justine Aquino Galvez

“Dreams of a Kindly One,” by Ruben A. Nacion

“Armageddon,” by your resident junkie, sometimes known as Poor Lyn Who Wishes She Can Take Pictures Without Glare But Can’t (her last name is Make Lemonade). Full version is at the top of this post. The print on display also somehow obtained a scratch just right above the quote :(

“The Other Mother,” by Melanie H. Lim

“Nada-An Offer You Can’t Resist,” by Jonathan M. Quines. Love the pattern and the details on this.

“Tiny Heart,” by John Paul Abia

“Peek-A-Boo,” by Kamille Anne U. Areopagita. I’m surprised this didn’t win something, I think it’s fab. Hopefully it tied for something, too.

“Despair Gets a Tan,” by Jon Benjamin C. Corrioso

“Went Fishing and Caught Delirium,” by Julius Christopher F. Fonte

“Stardust,” by Gerald Cura

“Lycoan,” Ken Steven Chun

“Pieces,” by Rai Perez

“Boundaries,” by Elle Battung. Have to admit that I didn’t get this at first, but damn, took me a while to realize that those silhouettes are all cutouts. How awesome is that?! That and the whole mood of the thing really did it for me. Lovely work. Grand Prize Winner!

“Trio at Dawn,” by Ronna Lara-Bes

“Bird,” by Ronna Lara-Bes. I love the composition and the vivid colors on this one.

“Together with Barnabas,” by Marie Franz Canares. The concept + the coffee medium makes this nummy in more ways than one. Second Place Winner!

“He Saw Wolves,” by Kara Beatrice Chung

“Paradox,” by Kevin Marie D. Becira. The corrogated cardboard frame is kick-awesome and works so well with the piece.

“Hole,” by Rea Uypitchitig. I adore this one, made such an impact on me when I first saw it. Curious last name on the artist too, wonder what its origins are. Third Place Winner!

That’s the whole exhibit. Was fun viewing it with my sister and taking pictures.

Also, Neil Gaiman’s post-visit reaction is downright adorable. Chocnut! Haven’t had that in ages and he has a bunch in his trunk!

The talented Saberkite has a blog post on the event [here]. The grand prize winner wasn’t even aware she’d won until someone linked her to Saberkite’s post, which is both funny and kind of disturbing. o.o;

Progress shots of Armageddon can be viewed [here]. Made with Painter 7 and Photoshop CS.

Good Omens © Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett


20 Responses to “selected entries from the Revelations art contest during the Neil Gaiman visit to the Philippines”

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  3. (hugs!) Thank you so much, Tarma XD So glad to hear from you!

  4. HOOORAAAYYY! Inom na tayo dyan pinsan! 😀 Galing-galing!

  5. Uy ‘insan! TY, ‘di ko pa nagagawa logo mo :X Sisimulan ko na this week. ‘Di ako umiinom e :( Zagu na lang ako, haha.

  6. Congrats insan!! We’re all proud of you!!

  7. Hi Ate! Thanks for the kind words, napadaan ka pa XD (hugs!) It’s not really a big deal compared to the main event (Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards), but I’m still glad I was pushed to join.

  8. Are you on the same planet as I am or is it that you are in a totally different time epoch ? Cos its impossible otherwise to understand how these pictures come to be in the universe as I know it!

    Really, Lyn, your work is a total knockout! That’s why you won. Just wondered if the first prize is just as good. I’m sure your parents are so proud of you.
    Is the prize just ‘accolade’and fame or includes cash and your other work being promoted?

  9. Hi Lyn! Wow, so it’s your artwork! Congratulations! I must edit my post to include your name. :) Ang weird pa nga eh, the grand prize winner didn’t know she won until she found my blog :p

    I went ahead and sniffed the third prize winner just to check if it smelled like coffee. It probably wore off by that time haha.

  10. P.S. You’re not the only one who didn’t get a hug/kiss haha. But still, he picked your art and that’s really, really, really something to be proud off! 😀

  11. Uncle Vern & Auntie Meding: Hi! I hope you didn’t have to wait too long for all the artwork to load on your end, I know this blog is kind of image-intensive :( Thanks so much for taking the trouble to visit! <3

    Uncle Vern: Thank you so much, Uncle! Pretty sure I haven't entered any dimension portals or time traveled yet, though if I ever do, I'll make sure to say hi to your younger self! ;D And maybe drop hints on a future lottery ticket! Thanks so much for taking the time to view my work and for the kind words, it means a lot!

    Auntie Remy: Thank you so much! <3 You and Uncle Vern are spoiling me with praise! I appreciate your taking the time to visit and leave a message. First prize winner's pretty amazing, and she gets 10 volumes of Sandman, all signed copies. But I'm really happy enough with one signed graphic novel + this photo of Neil beside my artwork! (sighs happily)

    I guess it's mostly the novelty of having Neil Gaiman judge your work, and the signed copies of his books are pretty awesome. This competition is really sort of a separate contest to the main event (Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards), to herald Mr. Gaiman's visit. I've been toying with the idea of joining the PGFA contest, but I'll need more confidence and a heck of a lot more skills before I can try, I think!

    Thanks again, you two! Your comments made my day, I hope you're both safe and doing great on your end!

  12. Kat: Hi! Ahaha that’s kind of funny about the grand prize winner XD What a way to find out! Maybe Fully Booked’s e-mail for her got sorted into spam or something? :O Also, Fully Booked put up the list of winners here, but they haven’t e-mailed back to say when we can pick up our artwork + prize (I hope they didn’t forget that they said they were going to e-mail again :X ).

    LOL! It didn’t even occur to me to try and sniff it, darn. XD Thanks for telling me the coffee smell’s not there, been wondering about it since I saw it.

    Thanks so much! <3 Maybe we can get the kiss + hug combo when he comes back next time (hopefully next year? Though I have a feeling he's going to make it every other year or something D: ). Will have to save up for that hefty signing fee, woe.

  13. I was wondering: Did you happen to see a piece called “Life & Death”? It’s Death holding a baby.

  14. Wow, I just found this today and I’d have to say–Congrats to everyone! Thank you too for the wonderful comment <3 My work didn't tie for anything else but I'm really happy it was shortlisted as one of the top artworks <

    Thank you for the post and (again) your wonderful comment <3 Congratulations!

    -Kamille Areopagita

  15. Hey Kamille! Sorry for the uber late reply. No prob, loved your art! Hope you join more contests and pwn them! 😀

  16. Thanks! You too! 😀

  17. congrats :)

  18. Congratulations!

    I hope you still know me. :)

  19. ang galing!

  20. Uy, sa’n kayo nanggaling, haha. Tagal na nito a, salamat! ♥

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