Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Got an extra 1GB of RAM a few days ago as a belated Christmas gift XD I am using my PC like I’ve never used it before.

I was in RAM heaven until I launched Painter 7 to work on the latest commission — then I got the dreaded “Tiles: Out of tiles” error message. This is apparently a problem With Painter 7 and earlier versions of the program, as the software can’t handle more than 1GB of available RAM.

Thankfully, a fix made by Geert De Peuter solves this problem — rather than us fiddling with our pagefile.sys, he made a small patch file that makes the program work seamlessly in more advanced computers (more advanced than when the programs were made, anyway :S 2GB’s pretty much standard these days).

Follow these steps:

~ Download De Peuter’s patch ( the link’s right above the donation buttons — also, please consider donating to De Peuter if you found this program helpful! )
~ Extract the .zip file’s contents somewhere
~ Copy the extracted files ( not the folder, but its contents ) and paste it directly into your Painter directory ( C:\Program Files\Corel\Painter 7\ or something similar )
~ Go to command prompt ( Start > Run > type “cmd” and hit enter )
~ Go to your Painter directory, then type: “fixit [program name and extension]” ( in my case, it was “fixit Painter7.exe” )
~ The patch should run its course. Exit command and launch your Painter program for use.

This fix works for other programs as well, please visit De Peuter’s site for more information.

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  1. thank you

    your instructions are way simpler than the ones on the De Peuter’s web site

  2. I get the whole “adding intercept.dll” followed by everything but then at the end it says “Error: Couldn’t back up Painter&.exe to Painter7.exe~: 5” followed by “Error: COuldn’t install Painter7.exe# as Painter7.exe: 183

  3. Hi Kevin, I’m not sure how I can help you, sorry. Perhaps try contacting De Peuter instead? Much luck to you!

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