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For those who have trouble installing the 1. 1 version of . Net in Windows 7 ("application has generated an exception that could not be handled" error), the following worked perfectly for me:

~ Create a new folder named DotNet in C:\ drive (C:\DotNet is used in this guide, you can change to any folder you prefer, but ensure that you use correct path in the following steps). ~ Download . Make sure the setup file is saved as dotnetfx. exe . ~ Download (NDP1. 1sp1-KB867460-X86. exe). Make sure that the file is renamed and saved as dotnetfxsp1. exe, so that the rest of the steps can be followed easily. ~ Move both installation files into the same directory (i. e. C:\DotNet) ?p=131, if you’re not saving them together. Open command prompt as Administrator (Start > All Programs > Accessories > [right-click on Command Prompt and select "Run as Administrator]). ~ Change to the directory where ?p=131 the two installation setup files for . NET 1. 1 are saved (i. e. C:\DotNet). ~ Run the following commands one by one, press Enter after each one. dotnetfx. exe /c:"msiexec. exe /a netfx. msi TARGETDIR=C:\DotNet" ~ Then click on “Yes” when prompted to answer “would you like to install Microsoft . [?p=131] NET Framework 1. 1. Package?” dotnetfxsp1. exe /Xp:C:\DotNet\netfxsp. msp msiexec. exe /a c:\DotNet\netfx. msi /p c:\DotNet\netfxsp. msp
That's it. ?p=131 it apparently doesn't work for everyone, but this was the solution that worked for me. Games/programs like Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) require . Net 1. 1. If this still doesn't work, check out at the LOTRO forums for other solutions.

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