Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Cross-posting this here:

I got a little frustrated with the textured inking brush I sometimes use, so I went into Corel Painter 7 and messed around with some of the defaults. Came up with this, which I’m fairly happy with (until I find something better, anyway).

This is a slight tweak on the default Scratchboard Tool, which is an awesome inking brush for those smooth, clean edges. I don’t always like my edges smooth and clean, though. I like a bit of roughness to my inks.

~ 0 setting for everything else not shown on the picture.

~ I have no idea if this works for Painter 8-onwards. The brush engine differs slightly per Painter version that it’s sometimes hard to tell, and my trial version of Painter 11 went poof ages ago so I can’t try it out.

~ Pardon the poor handwriting. :x

~ Not compulsory, but if you do end up making something with this brush, I’d love to see it.

~ Credit’s nice but not necessary. Feel free to use/ditch as you see fit.

Edit: Wow. Thanks to Teknisyan for letting me know that Corel linked this post in its FB page. I hope someone out there found this variant useful!

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