Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Speak No Evil: Melancholy of a Space Mexican by Elan Rodger Trinidad

Excerpt from the author’s afterword: “But if I have any sort of political opinion on immigration, it is this: They came to America for the exact same reasons your ancestors and relatives came to America. Just because they’re illegal, doesn’t make them less human. If you’re going to tell them to leave, do it as respectfuly as possible.”

~ Worksafe and a must-see. One of the most compelling comics I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. I’ve rec’d this before somewhere, but I can’t remember on which site…so here it is again. Literally can’t rec this enough.


HERO: a story by Tongari

Premise: “HERO is a story about a perfectly ordinary boy with no memory of the past and no urgency for the future; who one day accepts a most extraordinary offer to travel to distant places and invisible cities.”

~ Tong’s elegant, surreal style makes me want to keep clicking to see the next page. I adore the way she manages to capture mood and how one panel just flows to the next. The story’s as engaging as the graphics, and her character designs are fan-freaking-tastic.


Oglaf by Trudy Cooper

~ Contains very explicit, adult themes. A sex comedy in web comic format, in all its NSFW glory. Not really crude/crass enough to be considered porn, but it does contain very explicit artwork. Love the sense of humor, and the graphics are superb. I remember reading somewhere that Trudy has a co-writer for this webcomic, but I can’t find the name, argh.


Uitspan Era by Chira and Muun

Premise: “Sfeer Theory is the biography of a semi-immortal wizard named Balzac whose duty is to uphold and guard an empire, by way of a magical version of Atlas. The Uitspan Era addresses the beginning of his livelihood, and the Uitspan Age addresses the possible end of it.”

~ Contains some gay themes. Chira/halcyonjazz is a freaking fantastic artist. She churns out beautiful art in a way that makes me feel about one inch tall. Her lines are always confident and structured, and she makes it all seem so effortless. She and Muun work their magic in this promising story, with a cast of interesting characters and an intriguing original fantasy setting.


Starfighter by HamletMachine

~ Contains mature and homoerotic themes. I first saw panels of this in one of the art comms I used to frequent. Loved the art style and the space opera-ish setting. And the boys in skin-tight suits.


Goodbye Chains by Tracy Williams and Alice Hunt

Premise: “Colin Lord is a cheerful Boston Communist, and Banquo White is a cranky half-Mexican with no philosophy beyond hedonism. Somehow they have become partners in crime, spreading a reign of terror and dialectical materialism across the plains of Colorado. Follow their adventures with explosives and ladies–and, possibly, men.”

~ Contains some mature and gay themes. I have mad respect for Tracy Williams, who’s been in the comics business for years, both traditional and online, and it definitely shows in her art. I love her inking, and how solid and easily-identifiable her art is. Goodbye Chains takes people on a pretty fun and action-packed journey.


Knights-Errant by TheYoungDoyler

Premise: “Details the lengths to which Wilfrid, a once exalted member of society, will go to reclaim favor with the courts. Inevitably involves Oswald, condottiere of the “Errant Knights” and other poor souls.”

~ Contains some mature and LGBT themes. I fell in love with the setting, which the artist describes as “set in pseudo-Europe during the pseudo-Renaissance.” Still in the first chapter, but I’m currently loving the art style and the sense of humor.


All In Your Head by Tteok

Premise: “Socially underdeveloped, Keith Alders is a walking example of awkwardness. What will it take to penetrate his shell of mistaken idioms and obliviousness?”

~ Contains some mature and gay themes. The first few pages made me fall head over heels for Keith. His vapid charm is just way too adorable. Unfortunately, the author seems to be occupied with other matters, but 35 pages of this hilarious webcomic are still up and available.

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